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In The Spotlight

At the Movies: June 24

This week at the movies: The Independence Day sequel hits theaters just in time for, well, Independence Day; Blake Lively stars as a lone surfer who must singlehandedly fight off a vicious great white shark; and Matthew McConaughey is an abolitionist farmer during the Civil War who leads a rebellion for the books……

Summer Eyewear Trends

Hello, summer! The season of sunshine is officially here and we couldn’t be more thrilled. But besides your skin needing extra attention and care this summer, don’t overlook those eyes – they need protection from harmful UV rays, too. Check out the video below from A FASHION and find out the latest and hottest styles in eyewear so you can stop squinting and look your best. From oversized frames to aviators to retro styles, all of these shades are super chic……

Summer Skincare Essentials

By Hannah Rogers
Summertime, and the living is easy – but not always for your skin. As you spend more time outside in the sunshine, your skin is inevitably exposed to harsh heat, humidity, and damaging UV rays. Be good to your complexion this season and follow our tips below for how to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy all summer long……